Welcome to Nxzwake

The Nxzwake Institute is a non-for-profit organization pioneering a ground-breaking model of Innovative entrepreneurship required for the universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity in Africa.

Current trends in technology present the evolution of the Fourth Revolution and discussions of the 31st Century whilst most Africans annually import billions of dollars of everything.

The Nxzwake Institute will offer thousands of Young African Professionals in all African countries and in the Diaspora an opportunity to network and share Innovative Concepts in several sectors and come out with award winning solutions. Innovative concepts by young African professionals will be provided with funds to unleash their creativity and earn money to support their communities.

“The bright future for the youth of Africa could be in jeopardy without the political will to develop transformational policies that leap frog by 50 years, the outcome of current projects. Current educational curriculums must be totally revised to match international innovative trends. Current infrastructural projects, research and development and scientific projects currently used are outdated. The rest of the world has moved on by decades in almost every sector - leaving African youth vulnerable to financial burden of debts, technology gaps, climate change issues and economic dependence due to the technology and innovation gap. Incorporation of innovation and creativity from our youth is what Nxzwake offers.

Advanced courses will be offered by global lecturers and professionals to upgrade skills and innovation development whilst others will be attached with local and international corporations on-site, to explore real world solutions with their innovations.

The Nxzwake Institute is an online innovation hub that offers young professionals the platform to create, develop, innovate and come out with futuristic concepts that will solve Africa’s development narrative.

The Nxzwake Innovation Prize is an annual competition that will spurs ingenuity amongst members.

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